About Us

What IS Lifestyle Recalibration?

Lifestyle Recalibration is a transformative program that helps you lose fat, boosts energy, and improve health. We use over 20 years of experience and scientifically proven methods to optimize nutrition and workouts so you don’t have to work out for hours or starve yourself to achieve your fitness goals. Our coaches help clients conquer their habits, personal challenges, and lifestyle obstacles with an individualized approach.

Meet Our Coaches​

Jerome Caguioa

Jerome Caguioa is a veteran in the field of health, fitness, and personal training. After 21 years in the industry, he has had just about every experience imaginable: from being a personal trainer himself to running multiple departments for one of the largest personal training companies in the world. Jerome has been lucky enough to have experienced what it’s like to be obese and then lose weight, or skinny and then gain muscle. He has seen all sides of this industry, but his favorite part is helping people achieve their goals!

After an extensive career as a VP with one of the world’s largest personal training providers, Jerome decided that he wanted to take on new challenges—challenges that would allow him more flexibility with how he could positively impact more lives.

Sierra Prewitt

Sierra Prewitt has been in the fitness industry for over six years. She has worked as a personal trainer, running multiple personal training departments, and was also a former semi-pro tennis player. In her spare time, she coaches athletes to help them achieve their goals.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University Of North Texas and hopes to compete one day soon!